16 years experience
We firmly devoted to the feed pelleting industry, and we have a successful 16 years of experience behind us.

Our Feed Pellet Factory Sell:Feed Pellet Mill,Feed Pellet Machine,Animal Feed Pellet,Feed pellet line/plant, Fish feed pellet line/plant,Wood pellet line/plants.

One-Stop Pelleting Solutions
We are your one-stop pelleting solutions provider,We are able to share our experience on a wide selection of products and give you useful suggestions for most suitable choice,Our machines are made from precision casting technology and strict quality control, thus ensuring long time service life.


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Farm-Use Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill
800-1000kg/h Feed Pellet Production Line,Animal Feed Pellet Production Line,the top Large scale feed mill plant/feed factory,Ideal feed mill production line for high yield and high automation fodder production,pellet production machinery
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Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine Wet Type-DSP-60-1024x682


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Our factory supply:including design / manufacturing / shipping / installation and training your workers!