Our fish feed extruder:dry type fish feed mill or wet type fish feed machine to produce quality nutritious fish food from various ingredients for catfish,shrimp, etc

Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Fish Feed Extruder Machine

Fish Feed Extruder Machine,fish feed pellet mill,floating fish…
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Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Line for making pellet

Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Line for making pellet,fish…
Wet type fish feed extruder is widely adopted to process grains into high-grade feed pellets for aquatic animals and pets. Pellets produced by this extruder are solid and damp resistant

Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder

this wet type fish feed extruder is mainly employed in medium…
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Fish feed pellet Plant

This fish feed pellets production plant is designed to meet the…
Dry type fish feed extruder is a machine for making extruded fish feed for fish farming. Our fish feed mill features with high adaptability, advanced, cost-effective, outstanding performance.

Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder

In recent years pellet feed becoming popular.Many fish farms…